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Dry EyesWho gets dry eyes?

Many people suffer from the symptoms of dry eye, including gritty and tired eyes, but it becomes more common with age.

What are the causes of dry eyes?

Dry eyes can occur when there is a reduction in the normal amount of tears. Causes can include ageing, medication, illness and damage to the eye. The function of tears is to keep the front of the eye moist. Healthy tears form a smooth, uninterrupted film over the eye which is replenished with every blink.

What is the treatment?

The commonest treatment for dry eyes is to use artificial tears. These are drops which can be placed in the eye whenever symptoms occur. They can be very helpful for people whose dry eye symptoms only occur occasionally or at certain times. For some people dry eye symptoms may be too severe or too frequent for drops to be of much help.

What are punctal plugs?

The tears drain away from the eye into four drainage ducts, called puncta (each one is called a punctum). The puncta drain into the nose and this is why, when the eyes water, the nose often runs. There are two puncta in each eye, one at the inner corner of the upper eyelid and one at the inner corner of the lower eyelid. Punctal plugs are designed to obstruct those drainage ducts thus allowing the tears to remain in the eye for longer reducing the symptoms of drying.

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